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The portrait now hangs in his home, where many comment on it, but he does not tell of its history. He sometimes wonders to himself, however, if it might be true after all. It is not known whether or not Wilde himself subscribed to the theory presented in the story. His lover Lord Alfred Douglas stated that he did believe it. Wilde's story may have been an influence on John Masefield , whose book Shakespeare and Spiritual Life suggests that the Fair Youth was an actor who was delicate and small enough to play parts such as the boy-servant Moth in Love's Labours Lost and the sprite Ariel in The Tempest.

He believed that he may even have been a kind of symbol to Shakespeare for his own creative genius. In James Joyce 's novel Ulysses a character called Mr.

Best says that Wilde's theory is "the most brilliant" of all identifications. Best identifies Hughes with Shakespeare himself, a mistake quickly corrected by the Quaker librarian. He learns that Shakespeare had dedicated his sonnets to the boy-actor, but when he meets him he discovers that the boy is actually a girl in disguise. Shakespeare knew this, and the girl blushingly admits that this is why he called her "the master-mistress of my passion". I can send my pic for you to upload for your readers.

Who was William Shakespeare?

This is a misconception. He is said to have a blueish complexion or appearance.. Sri Krishna appeared as a normal 'person'. Avatars are like that. Even during His avatarhood,only few people recognised Him as Divine incarnate.

Meerabhai is the epitome of devotion.. What she got was not the mere 'vision of Krishna ' but the liberation.

How to Pray: 5 Practical Tips

SHe experienced Krishna as her very life. It is different from merely knowing how Krishna looked like. ADMIN : If that was true, the thousands of thousands who saw Krishna's physical form years ago would have been liberated. You don't need a form if you are open and devoted enough to be liberated.. Jai Shri Krishna!

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It is our good fortune and the blessings of our previous good karma's to have got a glimpse of Lord Shri Krishna's picture manifested by our revered guru Shri Sai. The one who understands the meaning of this universal truth with a true heart and a purified mind becomes one with Krishna. Let there be no ambiguity!

Arvind kumar, "true story" Dear friends my age Thank you for such good explanation and it makes one feel so received after reading it. I thank GOD for sending devotees like you who share and association with you really benefits us in uplifting our spirituality. Keep sharing. Importantly this picture should aid devotees' to strengthen their devotion. Hare Krsna, Please refer to Srimad Bhagavatham to understand the definition of bhagavan. In sumnary, Bhagavan should possess these 6 opulences unlimitedly : 1.

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All beauties 2. All fame 3. All strength 4. All wealth 5. All knowledge 6. All renunciation If one has all this unlimitedly, then he is Bhagavan. Krishna lifted Govardan hill at the age of 7 for 7 days with his left little finger. Krsna knows past,present and future. Krsna attracts every living entities, he is All Attractive. Krsna is eternal, he is not affected by the 4 miseries of this material world, named as Birth, Death, Old age and Disease.

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Not even a blade of grass moves without the will of Krsna. Krsna is Sac Cid Ananda Vigraha. Only Krsna possesses all these 6 opulences. For further description and explanation, please refer to Srimad Bhagavatham. This is the real image of Lord krishna. As far as his colour is concerned I suggest people to read "Gospel of sri ramakrishna". Paramahamsa was a great devotee of kali. The reply he gave was " when you see the god from far away , the colour of her is black. But as you go along in spiritual path and go nearer to her , you will find the truth that she doesn't have any colour or format to describe ".

But only when you go nearer to either of them you realise for yourself that they are colourless. Similarly gods like sathya sai baba, paramahamsa, krishna, rama ,ramana maharishi incarnate according to the needs and temperament of devotees.

Mayiliragu: Actual picture of Lord Krishna

No one has seen krishna or rama. Hare krishna Monday, 8 June Actual picture of Lord Krishna. Krishna as how He appeared in His late teens, after killing Kamsa. Swami said, "Lord Shri Krishna wore a necklace of green beads, a nose ring of pearl, and on his right ear a ring of pearls. He wore no shirt or coat. Just yellow silk around his waist and a turban wound around the head". The peacock feather that is described by poets and sages was not always worn. It was stuck in the turban occasionally. Peacocks abound in Brindavan and are in plenty even today.

On his bare chest, there was a mole that could be clearly seen, a mark of all Avatars. Krishna had taken 3 vows and the Kankans were symbolic of his determination to fulfill them.

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  4. They are as mentioned by Him in the Gita:.