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Currently chromosome 22 represents the best-annotated region of the human genome, and provides an excellent model system to develop functional genomic approaches. He was the leader of the consortium of four sequencing groups and numerous collaborators.

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These include microarray expression analysis, cloning of tagged genes and expression of their proteins, development of phage antibody resources, and study of protein intracellular localization. Computer modeling suggests there may be as many as 1, genes on chromosome 22, but even this is but a small fraction of the estimated 60, to , genes in our cells.

Human disorders "One down, the others to go," said Ian Dunham, a biochemist at the Sanger Centre in Cambridge, UK, and lead author on the scientific paper in the journal Nature that announces the genetics landmark. Mutations to genes along chromosome 22 contribute to heart defects, immune system disorders, cancers, and mental retardation.

A gene linked to schizophrenia is also thought to reside somewhere on chromosome Ian Dunham on Future Research Goals.

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