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They set out on a journey of survival, A ruthless killer hunts them. They set out on a journey of survival, barely staying a step ahead of their enemies while they must build an attack force large enough to defeat the massive Cobalt military and retake the throne of their father. They must find a way to increase their telepathic abilities to defeat the greatest evil the Kingdoms have ever known that follows an evil design and seeks to destroy the world.

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But nothing is at it seems, and a single mistake could mean death where both must live. Telepath is the third book in the Guardians of the Word series. The fourth book, Legend, is set to be released in April, Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published February 5th first published February 4th More Details Guardians of the Word 3. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 12, Katy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: fans of dark science-fantasy. Recommended to Katy by: Jolea Harrison. Shelves: ebook. Synopsis : A ruthless killer hunts them. Dynan and Dain Telaerin are forced into exile, unable to stay in one place for l Book Info : Genre : Science Fantasy Reading Level : Young adult Disclosure : I received a free copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts : This is the third book in the Guardians of the Word series; there are currently five books available in this series: Chosen , Myth , this one, Legend and Union , with three more to come. The previous book, Myth , left off on a cliffhanger, so I was anxious to get reading on this one. This book again has a high action level; the characters are on the move and going from one crazy situation to another throughout the whole book. It also takes place over the course of a number of years, unlike the two earlier books, which took place over not quite a year the first book and just a few months the 2nd.

It might seem a bit odd that the 2nd book, which has an overall slower pace, should take place over a shorter period of time, but in the 1st book there was a long time frame taken over with Dain and Dynan recovering from their various injuries. That said, this book continues a downward spiral of sorrow and despair. It was a strong, emotional punch in the gut — very well done. Highly recommended. Nov 01, Julie Powell added it. Wow, I love this series!

The saga continues as the twins are pushed further into darkness, chased by evil and I don't give spoilers but will say that this book, as are the others, is well written and full of 'oh my, what's happening now? We are introduced to new characters, back again with the old, and the plot thickens with an limitless imagination of worlds and wonderful characters, good and bad. I won't say anything more except I'm reading Legend and already well entrenched into the story Wow, I love this series! I won't say anything more except I'm reading Legend and already well entrenched into the story - fabulous.

Mar 21, Vicki Johnson rated it it was amazing. Roller coaster of emotions Roller coaster of emotions whew, I got angry and darned mad at a particular character, then I cried real tears at the injustice done to the twins.

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I knew it couldn't possibly go that way but I have to keep reading as you will to find out what is going to happen. The title's give a clue, subconsciously, but I have to read because I need to know. Now that's a good read. Mar 05, Chuck Dexter rated it it was amazing.

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Holy space flight, just when you thought the heros were going to win I M stopping there Jun 12, Myriam rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle. If you take the first book and then this book or the 2nd half of the 2nd book , the connection is completely lost. What happened to the main story line? Only going to finish the series because I got all the books for free on Kindle.

Jul 15, Mike Milligan rated it really liked it. This is enforced to fix the fact that Light talked to Ryuk in his room without his family noticing. Racer and the Geek , introduces a kind of pseudo-telepaphy in chapter seven. There are so many telepaths in society albeit not revealed to the general public , they operate in government, the military forces of many countries, and in the corporate sectors that the nations of the world have laws enacted and adhered to by even the rogue nations that police people with not just psi-powers, but powers in general.

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You can actually get a legitimate job with Psychic Powers , with the understanding that if you misuse them in your work, it's your fault , not the fault of the people who hired you. In With Strings Attached , the Kansael gives John the ability to communicate telepathically through water.

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Nor is it known whether he can do more than just talk. He can, however, tap into Ringo's mindsight. In The Keys Stand Alone John proves unable to do anything except talk with his water-telepathy; he can't even take information from an unwilling mind. However, the ability of the four to speak together in telepathic privacy turns out to be immensely useful, since they can plan without fear of being overheard by anyone. Also in Keys , John has to contend with a roomful of telepaths who are primed to mentally beat him up the second he tries to do anything.

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That he manages to evade them is partially due to the Kansael and partially to his own bad temper. George occasionally becomes a telepathic creature in Keys but never does figure out how to use telepathy. Reflections , a followup story to Last One Standing by the same author, expands further on the idea.

Arparently, Luna and Celestia don't even need to speak, be in close proximity, or even use language in order to communicate with each other. They choose to communicate almost exclusively by mortal methods in order to maintain those skills as well as to respect each other's privacy. In Son of the Warp , Joseph can read surface thoughts, including what a person is about to do.

He can't probe deeper, but he does have enough control to block out thoughts. Johnny and Roy end up with a telepathic link in Bound by Friendship after they grab hands during a building collapse. They keep talking telepathically until over 24 hours later when they finally break the hold. The cat shifters in this paranormal themed fic have telepathy as a standard ability when in cat form. Second Wind : A minor version of this occurs with great proficiency in Observation Haki, allowing someone focusing hard enough to read the emotions of others with extreme precision, to the point of understanding their thoughts.

Luffy and Zoro, two who possess such a skill, have used it a few times to convey messages while in the presence of others. In The Bridge , several Kaiju such as Mothra, Grand King Ghidorah, and Kaizer Ghidorah possess telepathic abilities, allowing them to communicate with other races like humans. Mostly monsters, but also humans to a limited degree, in the Undertale fanfic Visiontale , posted on Archive of Our Own.

Social customs dictate when a monster can read someone else's thoughts. In Kamikakushi , tsukumogami like Botan and Churippu communicate by projecting images. In Just a Pony , it turns out that Vinyl Scratch is mute, but has a spell that lets her communicate via telepathy.

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She can only do it with one pony at a time, however. The mutants in the second Planet of the Apes film are telepathic. He can read and communicate with other minds in their native language , no less , access, suppress and restore memories, apply Mind Manipulation People Puppets are his specialty and he knows a few Jedi Mind Tricks along with Seeing Through Another's Eyes , generate mental blocks around a mutant's subconscious to reduce the full magnitude of their ability, induce sleep , summon a projection of himself, kill someone with sufficient concentration , and he can even transfer his consciousness into another body.

Jean Grey, almost to Xavier's levels. Howard in Pretty Cool has this as part of his Mind Control powers. And in the sequel , the Genie can interpret people's thoughts. Regan MacNeil seems to have picked up some telepathic ability in Exorcist II: The Heretic , probably from using the brainwave synchronizer. When she helps autistic Sandra to speak, Dr.

Tuskin knows exactly what she did and warns her it's not polite to get in people's heads without permission.