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Squirrelbait spent the week out at the site deer hunting. From there it was all downhill. Our temps dropped all the way down to 27 with rain, sleet, snow, sunny skies etc. We also heard a few trees falling in the middle of the night and a pack of coyotes howling. We had a good mix of HF members, hangers from the Bushcraft forum including knife maker, Deering Knives , and two my ground dweller friends who fit right in.

As per hanging tradition, everyone who shows up is always your new best friend within 5 minutes of their arrival. He also provided inspiration to us that yes, there is life after 60 on the trail. I didn't get a picture of the cake because it was devoured before I could get the shot.

Note, this photo was taken during the new camp ritual called "The Burning of the Shoes". Coolest clothing: Let's just say green wool and anoraks some handmade were the "in" thing. I've got one to, but I was the one taking pictures this weekend. And from the kitchen: Bacon, bacon, and more bacon nice job Bob and AndrewB for additional cooking duties , chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles prepared by Mrs. There was even a pork roast that was left home and a few pounds of pulled pork that was brought and we never even got to. The rule for the trip was a new course of food on the hour and I would say we stayed pretty true to it.

I cemented my reputation as the designated food pusher. There were always 2 coffee pots in various stages of percolating manned tirelessly by Donk and Christo. All in all, it was a great weekend with everyone helping out on camp duties like dog carrying Donks , bulk firewood gathering, cooking and keeping the camp running smooth. When we all had to pack up and head home on Sunday, the weather was clear and sunny.

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And, we will be returning to Pinney Bridge next year for a reunion of the Gluttons. Thank you to all of those who attended and helped make this years event a success. Last edited by michigandave; at I think it is seeping from my body. Last edited by Squirrel bait; at Life has no remote.

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I think I bruised my gallbladder. Word from Jack; he greatly appreciated all those willing to be shed on for the warm laps they provided. It seemed possible, then, to know everyone; my diary mentions meeting the German film director, Rosa von Praunheim and the Argentinian writer Manuel Puig. I desperately wanted to meet Puig, because he had footnoted me several times in his novel Kiss of the Spider Woman , an unusual device for a novel.

The overwhelming attraction of the New York gay literati world was sufficient for me to resign my lectureship at Sydney University and move to New York in The ten years at Sydney had been exciting, marked by bitter disputes within Philosophy and Economics, which led to a student strike and both departments splitting between traditionalists and radicals.

But the prospect of 30 more years in the same institution was stultifying: I wanted to live out the fantasy of becoming a real writer.

The Great Tree and Other Tales By Zona Gale

The link between the two was Edmund White, a man of southern charm and northern ambition, ruthless in his pursuit of celebrity and celebrities, and capable of both great generosity and sudden barbs of wickedness. Edmund was one of group of gay writers who made up what became known as the Violet Quill.

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But gay writing was beginning to encroach on high culture. Now the New Yorker publishes gay cartoons and stories without comment. Edmund was a central figure at the Institute for the Humanities, which I once described as the New York Review of Books at lunch, perhaps because of memories of seminars dominated by the presence of Susan Sontag, her legs sprawled across the table as she munched sandwiches and repartee with equal ferocity.

Peter and the Wolf And Other Symphonic Tales | Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Naively I had forgotten that Sontag wrote of dandyism in her iconic Notes on Camp , and I suspect she was angered by my too easy equation of dandies with homosexuality. Looking back, I realise this was a rite of passage; some months later Susan and I went to dinner together, my main memory of which is a Lower East Side Chinese restaurant which specialised in offal, and a discussion which touched for a time on opera. What I glimpsed that evening was something of the ferocious determination with which she was constructing herself as a cultural icon, a ferocity that seemed shared by so many of the people I came across in New York, where every transaction, even at the bank or post office, demanded concentrated ambition.

Many famous people passed through the Institute. I met Nadine Gordimer while I was trying to decide whether to return to Australia, and leave New York, self-evidently the centre of the gay literary world. The path to breaking down the massive silences around homosexuality, which viewed it as a crime or a pathology, was already far advanced before the hiatus of the AIDS epidemic.

“That Elf is holding out on us” and other tales from the Michigan Gluttony Ha...

The references in Homosexualization to marriage seem to assume it is a dying institution, indeed claimed we were better off without it:. The absence of gay marriage means that it is easier for homosexuals to develop other ways of living than in conventional coupledom; there has been considerable discussion, in the new gay writings, of the advantages and disadvantages of a whole range of possible living and social arrangements.

That discussion has now largely disappeared as same sex marriage has become a barometer of acceptance of sexual diversity. Even those of us who are sceptical of winning the blessings of the state and the church for our relationships felt the need to campaign for marriage equality when it became the subject of an unnecessary and expensive postal ballot two years ago.

Creepypasta Compilation- November 2017

It is easy to lament the apparent shift to conservatism of the queer movement, but this is an inevitable result of it now embracing far more people than it did 40 years ago. Nostalgia for a radical past too easily overlooks the range of ideas and identities that now exist, in a very different world to that of the early s.

The marriage vote was significant, marking as it did a further step in acceptance of sexual diversity.