Grifter Vol. 2: New Found Power

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New Comics 5/22/13

Overall: This is not a good comic book. Inconsistent power levels, continuity errors, a confusing narrative, awful dialogue, and a completely disappointing ending make this one of the worst DC Comics of this time period and give readers little to look forward to in reading. The last volume could be justified as blockbuster style action with a mediocre story, but this volume is far too flawed to receive such high praise. This is not a book we would ever recommend reading. Grifter Vol. Power levels are even more inconsistent, the book is rife with continuity errors, and the resolution to the entire series is as disappointing as it is meaningless.

There is still some fun, over-the-top action here for those who enjoy that sort of thing, but even this is hard to appreciate due to the confusing narrative.

This is not a book I would recommend anyone reading as fans of Grifter will only leave it disappointed and fans of ridiculous action can find something better elsewhere. From the very beginning of this book, everything about the previous book is thrown out the window.

Grifter - Hey Ron

This Grifter acts different, talks different, and has a completely different backstory. This effects the entire book from the start and makes the whole series feel even more messy and ill constructed than it already was. Newfound Power starts out by following Grifter as he joins a group of soldiers who are also out to stop the Daemonite invasion.

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This part of the story, while still not good, is probably the best part of the book. It is a barrage of mindless action that is enhanced even more by stronger enemies and advanced firepower. It all comes to a head as Grifter faces off against Helspont, though the conclusion to that story ends up happening over in Superman Vol.

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Grifter is revealed to have been captured by Daemonites many times, with a man named Warick saving him each time. All of a sudden, the previously unintroduced Warick and Grifter are old pals, until Grifter discovers that Warick is a previously institutionalized conspiracy theorist talking about alien invasions.

He gets made at him, despite the fact that Warick is clearly telling the truth about everything. Then, for no adequately explained reason, Warick commits suicide via zoo animals in what may be the most ridiculous moment in a very ridiculous series.

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One minute he will have no problem taking down dozens of Daemonites using his telekinesis, yet the next minute he will have trouble beating Midnighter. Any suspense during his fights with the Suicide Squad or Daemonites is lost with the knowledge that he could kill all of them at any moment if he were to simply use his powers.

Grifter is skiing in the Swiss Alps when he's attacked by a tougher breed of Daemonites. He's rescued by Cheshire who explains that the earlier Daemonites he fought were scouts, and the new ones are warrior-class as they have decided to colonize Earth.

Grifter is supposedly the "chosen one" meant to lead the resistance, and he's introduced to the other fighters including Deathblow. Cheshire, Deathblow, and a soldier named Buck are the only survivors as Grifter uses telekinesis to wipe out their attackers. They make it safely to a cabin, where they're attacked by a villain named Synge who blows a hole through the wall. Cheshire shoots Grifter and Deathblow revealing herself as the traitor, then takes them both to Lord Helspont on his ship.

Grifter Vol. 2 Volume 2 New Found Power

Grifter explains that he knew Cheshire was a traitor and wanted to get caught, then attacks Helspont with a psychic blast. Deathblow and Grifter escape while seemingly blowing up the ship, but Helspont and his ship survive revealing that this was a ruse to learn about his enemy. Incomplete There's something missing here. This section of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered complete.

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